A hand weaver and fibre spinner in the Midwest, hey! I’m Shannon. A self taught fibre and textile maker in a never ending pursuit of textile exploration. Having found sewing and fibre crafts as a kid, like many at the heel of my mom and grandma. Though still far from a perfect seamstress, I haven’t been able to walk away from it yet.

I’m in a handmade black long sleeve turtle neck & jeans (left.)

To the right I’m in a handmade blouse & jeans.

Since my early days of sewing alien dolls by hand, I’ve progressed to making my own clothes. Taking on a mission to bust my fabric and notion stash. I am working towards a closet of well worn, natural fibre and/or handmade clothes. Working with the materials I have, natural fibre and second hand whenever possible. As well as mending whenever needed to make them last beyond the season. Fabric stash to clothing rack.

As I’ve progressed through fibre and textiles, weaving has been where I have truly felt my place. I don’t just make a garment but the textile itself. I have even been able to make the thread and yarn I weave by spinning fibres. A balance of having control but embracing the mishaps, coincidences and imperfections. Weaving has allowed me to transform my mind about textiles and how to use the variables that create them. Along with spinning fibres to have more textured yarns to weave with. I also raise angora rabbits. Where I source all my angora fibre from as well as a ton of snuggles.

I have worked the last few years building up a modest handmade wardrobe so far. Though recently have been working hard tackling that fabric pile. Embracing color and texture in both sewing and weaving whenever the opportunity arises. I plan to share and experiment with handmade outfits. Sewing and fibre projects. Share photos of plants I’m growing. Definitely my cute angora rabbits and their beautiful wool they grow.

This is my convergence of land & loom.

Dudley an English Angora (left.) Mertle a French Angora (right.)

Shannon Meier


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    May 25, 2020

    I love, love, love the beginning to your blog. It is beautifully put together with amazing photos and absolutely adorable rabbit pics. Looking forward to your next posting.

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      May 27, 2020

      Thank you!! They’re the sweetest rabbits too. Can’t wait to share more with you!

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