Fabric stash to

clothing rack.

Working with natural fibers, second hand textiles or what’s already in my stash. I’m creating a handmade wardrobe. Taking care with a sustainable process and always working towards low to no waste. Sewing. Weaving. Spinning. Knitting. Dyeing. Here are experiments with fibre and textile.

The work and studio of Lenore Tawney.

Lenore Tawney was a pivotal figure in the fibre arts movement. John Micheal Kohler Arts Center (www.jmkac.org) had an extensive collection of her work and studio furniture on exhibit. From her large scale weavings to her small mixed media collage, her work continues to be impactful pieces to experience first hand. Lenore was known for…

Thrifted Quilt Top = Two New Handmade Garments

Beginning the year with a few from Grandma’s Rose Garden. Wrapping up the hexie quilt top that I had purchased for $3.99 with a collared jacket is my last large project I made from this. Fitting in a vest and a jacket, I’m left with a few little scraps to squeeze into a little something…

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